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Easy changes to cut 100s of calories


List of changes you can make in your morning, lunch, and dinner routines to cut out 100s of calories that you probably didn’t even think about! So easy to do too.


Spinach-Mushroom Pizza


Vegetarian friendly and a great option instead of delivery. Much healthier and tastes better too! You can always use different ingredients or add sausage or other toppings as well, but go easy on the cheese if you can.

Pasta: Lemon and Dill Shrimp


Tangy, filling, low in fat, and tastes amazing!

Slow-cooker cilantro lime chicken

78953799686960454_TYq9WffC_c Perfect for a fast and easy meal! The cilantro and lime flavors make this dish taste so good

Shrimp Tacos


Another recipe that uses greek yogurt for a flavorful and healthy meal

Blackened Chicken and Cilantro Lime Sauce


Add a little extra kick to your chicken with this bold and tangy dish

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffins


No oil, only egg whites, pure chocolate, greek yogurt, and sugar substitute. How can something so healthy taste so good?